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To make business in Brazil, the entrepreneur have to occupy 2038 hours/year on average calculating and preparing the taxes to pay. This is just one of the many challenges Brazilian bureaucracy bring to us. Since 1981, MV Contabilidade help the small and average businessman to “dribble” the complex tax system and Brazilian bureaucracy.

All in the law, because believe the entrepreneur need more hours to work and money to invest in his business, in consequence generates income and job, that is, the entrepreneur perform a fundamental role in the social and economic development of any nation. MV do with expertise its role as the accountant. Moreover, making effort in not limit itself as a standard accountant firm, MV naturally was becoming a business center, easing process and enabling individual and companies, with solutions beyond accounting, evolving management, decision-making, entrepreneurship and much more.

Today the MV Business Center is working to orient and enable businessmen and professionals, not just in accounting, but with courses, lectures and trainings with focus in personal development and capacitation, entrepreneurship, management, finances and investments, among other themes; place rental to corporate events and networking; and coworking.

24-08-2017 | Novo Simples Nacional e MEI 2018

Novidades sobre o Novo Simples Nacional e MEI 2018 com Vanessa dos Santos
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