MV Contabilidade 


Human Resources (Employment)

  • Employees Register
  • Maintenance Register of the employees record
  • Payroll Run
  • Contract Termination
  • Development of social charges (FGTS, GRPS, DARF, etc.)
  • Approval of Employment Contract (Union and Ministry of Labor)
  • Preparation of RAIS (annual relation of social information)
  • Preparation of CAGED (general registration data)
  • Preparation of DIRF (Withheld Income Tax Return)
  • Attendance to the inspection of the Ministry of Labor

  • Accouting

  • Classification of documents
  • Release of documents
  • Preparation of balance sheet and balance
  • Preparation of books (Journal and General Ledger)
  • Definition of the company scheme (presumed income, taxable income, arbitrated, estimated, simple)
  • Preparation of the Corporate Income Tax Statement
  • Cash Journal for professionals
  • IRS Bill (known as CarnêLeão)
  • Advising and preparation of the IRPF (Personal Income Tax Statement)

  • Fiscal

  • Release of invoices
  • Calculation of federal taxes, local, state and others
  • Calculation of addition (interest and penalties)
  • Preparation of tax books (A/R INVOICE A/P INVOICE, ICMS, inventory, term of occurrence, record services)
  • Preparation of the ICMS payment
  • Filling out of the DFC (statement of tax accounting)
  • Filling out of the DCTF (federal tax return)
  • Filling out of the DIPI (tax return of industrialized products)
  • Taxes Installment (municipal, state and federal)
  • Municipal and State Reviews
  • Attendance to the Federal Inspection
  • Control of companies without profit along with the City Hall
  • Municipal voluntary reporting

  • Contracts (Incorporate business)

  • Development of the articles of organization (individual and corporate)
  • Articles of organization amendments
  • License to work release
  • Release process of the fire fighters, health license, etc.
  • Registeron councils (CRM, CRC, CRO, OAB, etc.)
  • Register in the Commercial Board
  • Register in the IRS, all the Contracts (purchase, sale, rental, service)
  • General Registers (banking, SERASA, etc.)
  • Sales Report
  • Remuneration Report
  • Withdrawal of certificates (federal agencies, state, municipal, notary’s office)
  • Withdrawal of listing debts in agencies (federal, state, municipal)

  • Lectures and trainings

    MV perform trainings and lectures about the highlights tasks or that generates greater doubts amongst the clients. The tasks chosen are usually from the human resources, taxes and accountancy area.

    MV staff or an associate expert runs these trainings. They can be in the conventional way or in the MV Flex way, whose trainings are available in more than one date and period.Two hours of lecture by the morning, afternoon and by evening. The client chose the best date and period in according to his availability.



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