MV Contabilidade 

Social Care

In 1987 Christmas, the executive director from MV Contabilidade, Dirceu Vaz, embody the Santa Claus and took a bag of gifts to the kids from Areias, poor area from Curitiba region, where his grandparents were born.In the following year, he mobilized the MV staff, friends and clients. This time were two bags of gifts. Year by year, the bag of toys become a truck full of toys, snacks, candies and food collected to the Natal Solidário MV.

Nowadays, MV attends five entities and poor communities from Curitiba and region, in the Easter, Children Days and Christmas. Are delivered toys, snacks, cestas básicas (basket of essential food) and the most important: an affection act.

We sincerely appreciate the MV friends, who become this possible, and we invite all to be partof this beautiful party.

Pictures and videos from past events above:


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