MV Contabilidade 

MV Contabilidade

To run a business in Brazil it is not an easy task. Besides the work itself, the businessman in Brazil must fulfill a lot of obligations and complex laws, and, how everybody knows, to pay very high taxes. The MV Contabilidade understands the companies havea key role in the country’s economy, generating employment and income. For this reason, the entrepreneur needs an accountants who help him to face the brazilian bureaucracy , paying the minimal of taxes possible, under the law, enable him focus in the business’ development. The companies needs MV.

Know more about MV Contabilidade

MV Contabilidade was founded in 1981 by two Brothers at Curitiba: Dirceu and Dilson Vaz.

Since then, the initial idea of these two entrepreneurs was to offer customers an innovative accounting, beyond the traditional standards. And they succeeded. Each year passing, MV innovates and highlight in many aspects. From the first accounting office to work with computer to the mobile unity; from the ISO 9001 certification to the GERUC Method; among others conquers. Today MV is reference in accountancy and specialized attending.

MV’s costumers have a different accounting framework: the GERUC'S (Gerente de UnidadeContábil /Unit Manager Accounting); serving on three fronts: accounting, human resources and tax. This provides the customer speed, agility and make search manager involved with the process of each client as a whole.

With a portfolio of over 700 legal customers and over 700 customers, MV has a structure of more than 30 employees, including senior accountants, people graduated in Human Resources, Business and Advertising, all highly qualified and involved in order to provide the customer an accounting advice that directs the work, establishing a true partnership with the client and the company.

Periodically all employees undergo updating courses. After all, investing in the employee is investing in the company - that's the philosophy of MV.

MV is not just an accounting company that records the tax from customers. Here the customer can find ideas and solutions to face the Brazilian bureaucracy in the legal terms, to the client gain more time to invest in his ownbusiness.

Besides, in the 35 years of MV, from 30 are made social care actions involving plenty entities from Curitiba and region. All long the year the MV staff manage Easter, Children Days and Christmas campaigns, benefiting thousands of kids.


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